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Technical Information

Winfloor provides the following facilities:

  • Prepares bearing and layout plans for Beam & Block or Slabbing floors, based on customer’s own units, using a special very rapid bay-by-bay method.
  • Produces layouts for brick/blockwork or steel frame.
  • Permits holes, partitions and ventilators to be inserted as required.

  • Calculations & Design
  • Calculates the Service and Ultimate Bending Moments and Shear Values relative to the combination of loadings (dead, finishes and live) specified for each individual job, and provides Span-load Tables or special calculations for specific conditions of loading.
  • Designs the most economic layout of floor units which satisfies the resistance moments and shear forces of each customer's particular system.
  • Inserts the flooring units either automatically or manually to cover the areas involved, whilst ensuring that units from adjacent bays on double-bearings cannot clash.

  • Quantities & Costings
  • Automatically produces cross-sections as required and/or allows individual sections to be created very quickly.
  • Is completely flexible, i.e. revisions or changes can be made at any time. The customer is always in the position of being able to over-ride the automatic functions and assume complete control.

  • Printing
  • Prints out any size of drawing, A0 to A4, limited only by the printers or plotters available.
  • Prepares and prints out Calculation Sheets showing method and full details relative to the requirements of BS 8110, for each scheme or job.
  • Prints out full details of schedules, quantities, costs, etc..

  • Schedules
  • Automatically schedules the units bay-by-bay, produces a summary by type and length, including weights for transporting etc., etc..
  • Automatically calculates quantities and schedules of ancillary items with costs, e.g. special blocks or slip-tiles, ceiling clips, grouting, site-fixing, etc., etc..
  • Automatically prepares estimates of costs or selling prices, including on-costs, overheads, margins, discounts, etc., etc.. The system is completely adaptable and customers can tailor the documents to meet their personal requirements.

  • Export/Import of Details
  • Exports full details of schedules, quantities, costs, etc. to Word or other programs for instant professional documents, including automatic official quotations on client letter-heading.
  • Exports drawings in formats readable by leading CAD programs.
  • Incorporates “Pictures”, a new innovation which allows scanned images or drawings of special details to be stored in a library and then placed on the drawings as required.

  • Safeguards
  • A system of Backup and Restoration of the system files is built into WINFLOOR to assist following breakdowns.
  • The use of colour-coding immediately indicates any variations on the drawings.
  • System Export enables email of drawings to structural engineers & technical support.

  • Under suitable technical supervision, operators do not need to be fully competent in the use of computers, or have special structural engineering knowledge before training. However, previous experience of working with computers is useful.
  • In addition to the training provided in the use of the software, a comprehensive instruction manual and Help screens are included as part of the package.

  • Hardware
  • System - Winfloor can be used with Windows 95 and all later Windows versions.

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