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Telephone: +44 (0)1772 457327

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Detailed information regarding the WinFloor program and its functions.

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A collection of PDF files displaying various samples from WinFloor.

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Download WinFloor and beta versions.

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A categorised and searchable list of commonly asked questions in regard to WinFloor. Use this method of support first.

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Screenshot of WinFloor WinFloor software is a unique system specifically designed to meet the needs of Precast Concrete Flooring Designers and Manufacturers.

Over 90% of all precast concrete flooring drawings in Great Britain are produced by WinFloor, and it is now also used by many companies in Ireland. A list of our customers is available.

This site acts as both an information guide for the software and as a support site for existing customers.

Only customers who have registered site accounts may use some of the site's more advanced features; such as searching and posting on the forum.

Customers using WinFloor may request one account with which to use the site.

Did you know? The quickest way to obtain installation codes is to use the online verification tool - simply login to your site account, enter your code and receive the installation code instantly.



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